Supply Chain Risk Management - a unique function or simply one of the Supply Chain Manager’s tasks?

In response to the economic recession, companies are intensifying their efforts to optimise their costs in the supply chain, but they often overlook the related supply chain risks. Despite some supply chain best practices, globalisation has increased supply chain risks. Therefore, cost optimisation should go hand-in-hand with managing risks in the supply chain.

As risk management – and supply chain risk management in particular – has recently come to the attention of researchers and practitioners, an advancement in risk management practices can be noticed over the past few years. However, according to several research reports, only a small minority of companies are operating at a mature stage of supply chain risk management.

This report summarises the results of a research study on supply chain risk management conducted by a team of researchers at Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School in collaboration with our partner MÖBIUS. Over 250 companies responded to our questionnaire, which assessed the level of supply chain risk these companies were facing as well as the level of maturity they had reached in managing their supply chain risk.

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